What Is Writing Guys?

Welcome to Writing Guys where guys talk all things “men” for authors. That’s why we’re here, to dive into that weird, testosterone-fueled mass of gray matter that every guy has… the male brain.  If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in there, here’s the podcast where we unravel everything and anything you want to know to make those brooding, heroic, mysterious male characters in your writing jump off the page to steal your readers' hearts. So, what does an orgasm feel like? What’s the fastest you’ve ever fallen in love? Is there such a thing as “the one?” What turns you guys on, and what turns you guys off? If you want to know, this is the place to ask. So, if you’re writing guys… let’s talk.


Single / Heterosexual

C.T. Andrews is a romance author who has a genuine gift for being open and sincere. He is a single father of an adult son in the military. He has never been married.


Married / Heterosexual

Michael Aspen is an urban fantasy writer who has a heart of a teacher. He has been married to the same woman for 25 years, and has two beautiful girls.

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